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Happy Ever After

A couple celebrated their 25th Marriage Anniversary. They were famous for not having fought in 25 years.
Guests: Sir, its amazing. How did you make it possible?
Husband: We had been to Texas for honeymoon. We did horse riding.
My wife’s horse was a crazy one. On the way that horse jumped suddenly, making my wife topple over.

She patted the horse’s back & said “This is ur 1st time”
After a while it happend again.
She said “this is ur 2nd time” & continued.
When the horse dropped her 3rd time, she silently took out a revolver & shot the horse dead!
I shouted: what did u do, you psycho! U killed the poor animal. R u crazy?
She gave me a silent look and said “This is YOUR first time!”
Husband to guestg: “Thats it.. since then we are Happy Ever After…”

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