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Time for some Fun

Q.In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
A.His last one!!

Q.What’s the main reason for divorce? . . . . . . . . . .

Q.Where was the declaration of independence signed?
A.At the bottom of the page!!

Q. How do you stop acid indigestion?
A. Stop drinking acid!!

If Sugriv and Bali decide to start a movie production at Hollywood, what will be its name?
Wanar Brothers!!

Other than being fruits, what is common between an Apple and an Orange?
. . . . . They both are not a banana! 😛

Mujhe thi uske pyaar ki chahat . .
Mujhe thi uske pyaar ki chahat . .
Par wo dekh rahi thi Sony pe Aahat!! 😀

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