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Mother In law and Son Inlaws

Mother Inlaw addressed her 4 son inlaws and mentioned that he wld test and reward them.

All son Inlaws asked her what wld be the test ?

She said that every time  I  Jump in to the river U hv to save me and if U save then I will reward  each person suitably.

They agreed and M Inlaw jumped in to the river.
First son inlaw immediately jumped and brought her back to the river bank.
M in law was happy and she gave a car.

Second time she jumped in to the river the second son inlaw Jumped and saved her
She rewarded him with a Two wheeler

Third time she jumped and the 3rd son inlaw in turn saved her.
She gave him Luna two wheeler.

4th time she jumed .Then the 4th son ininlaw thought over and cld make
out what the Reward wld a bycycle.He felt that it is not worth to jump in
and hence he did not save her and poor M inlaw was drowned.

Now after seeing this F inlaw was very happy he rewarded
4th son inlaw with Mercedes Benz car

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