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Top Secret

When the boy was returning after his
marriage.he found his wife holding a small packet;
The boy asked..whats there in that packet ..
Wife replied..darling this is the secret of my life..pls never open it or ask me about it further..otherwise our marriage will be in trouble..

The couple spent their days happily..but the boy was very keen to know what was there in that small packet..

After some days the boy again told..darling after marrying you , i got the woman of my dream..but tell me what that packet wll never affect our i love u more
than my life..but wife only told that i also love u more than my life..thats why telling u not to ask about that..

After some days wife went to her own house and forgot to take her packet then the boy couldn’t control himself.and opened that

He was shocked to open that..there was 30 rupees and 2 wheat that packet..the boy couldn’t understand what it was…and how
it could affect their marriage life.

Then when his wife returned he burst into laughter and told darling what is this..and how it could have affected our relationship…whatever may be..u have to tell me about the secret.
The wife replied.
That’s not good..any way.if u have already finalised to know the secret ..hear it..

Before marriage ..each time i made love with any guy…i put a wheat grain in that packet to realise that i have done a mistake. ..

The boy saw those two wheat grains..and after waiting for two minutes told..
Its ok..everybody makes mistake .
I still love u because u told me the truth.. But what is that 30 rupees. ..the boy fainted when the wife replied.

Wife said..that’s the price of 1 kg wheat i sold just before marriage!!!!!!

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